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Apr 16 '14

Before I forget about this blog completely, does anyone want to take over as admin? It’s seen a surge in popularity recently but I don’t have the time to keep it up. Let me know by email!

Apr 20 '11

Didn’t you get that email?

You know it’s happened to you. You walk into class, or your boss’ office, or your mom’s kitchen, and they inquire as to why they haven’t seen that email you were supposed to send last week!

NEVER FEAR! Here’s a simple little trick to make them believe that your email was either eaten by their inbox, or it disappeared into the ether of the internet, through no fault of your own.

[This works best on Gmail, but can be used elsewhere, I’m sure]

First: Write that email you were supposed to send, and email it to yourself.

Second: Open that message you’ve just sent yourself, and click ‘Forward’.

Third: Edit the date, time, and recipient address to your specific needs.

Fourth: Send it on to the appropriate parties!

Perfect trick for your not-so tech savvy professors, parents and employers.


Apr 20 '11
Aug 30 '10
Aug 30 '10

Tired of yelling at that telemarketer who just called five times during dinner?

Next time, tell them they’ve called a cell phone or a business. It’s now illegal for them to call you again.

Aug 7 '10
Aug 3 '10

Got a stuffy nose? Cut off the tops of two green onions and stick the onions in your nostrils. Your sinuses will clear up and you won’t have any drippy mucus to worry about.

Aug 2 '10
Aug 2 '10
Aug 2 '10